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Youtube Channel
Glad to present the Language Journeys Youtube Channel! Here you will find language learning exercises from A1 to B2 level.

Levels A1 to C2

Level A1 starts with mental retraining exercises so that your mind subtly gets used to the target language. On the upper right hand side of each video you can see a colored triangle that shows the exercise level. Green for A1, A2 levels, blue for B1, B2 levels, and red for C1, C2 levels. The following image shows the exercise title (A1). The blue description field shows instructions as to the type of exercise you have to carry out.

A1 Level


Below each video you also have timestamps, which allow you to quickly jump to the language you want to learn. The same content is published in 4 languages, so that you can experience what it is like to learn several languages at once. Some of the exercises deal simply with grammar concepts like the articles, gender or verb tenses, while others are more content-based (movies, poems, quotes, songs, etc). As you progress in your language learning journey, you will see that these initial retraining exercises are combined with translation exercises so that you can turn theory into practice.timestamps

Translation Exercises

Let’s take the following “translation” exercise as an example. The exercise consists of a dialogue where you have to translate out your lines, which appear in the form of closed captions (CC). To do that, you first need to turn on CC and choose your first language in Settings (the gear icon). After you say your line, you can self-assess with the feedback. I’m constantly struggling to improve the quality and creating new types of exercises, so let me know any suggestion for improvement. That’s it for today. If you want to further practice or start an online journey, you can visit (only levels A1 and A2 for the time being) or (just 3 stories for now, waiting for feedback to see where I should be heading). translation-exercises
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